1. All guests must present valid passports or other identity documents to receptionists upon arrival. In accordance with Act No. 326/1999 Coll., foreign nationals must fill in registration cards personally. Only the guests who have properly registered may be accommodated by the Hotel. In case any guests refuse to submit a valid identity document or fill in a registration card, they may be declined for accommodation by the Hotel. Similarly, persons under influence of alcohol or other addictive substances or persons suffering from infectious diseases, parasites, or soiled persons may be declined accommodation by the Hotel.
  2. Upon check-in, guests are provided with the key to the room. Guests who have ordered other services in addition to accommodation get a hotel card featuring their name, room number and the length of stay; this card is used by the guests to prove their entitlement to use the Hotel's services and to prove their identity in the other parts of the Hotel.
  3. Guests pay for the Hotel's services on the day of arrival either in cash or by payment card, or, as the case may be, guests may identify themselves by presenting a voucher issued by travel or other agencies. For accommodation of groups, payment is possible only based on an invoice, and only if an order has been sent to the Hotel and the Hotel has confirmed it.
  4. If a certain type of the room has been confirmed for guests in advance, the Hotel must not change the type of the room without guests' consent. The Hotel is always obligated to offer to the guest a room that does not differ from the original order to a considerable extent.
  5. The current accommodation price list is available at the Hotel reception or at www.hotelzlatyandel.cz
  6. Unless otherwise agreed, rooms are reserved for guests till 19:00 on the day of the arrival.
  7. Unless otherwise agreed, rooms are available from 15:00 on the day of arrival, and must be vacated by 10:00 on the day of departure for accommodated groups, or by 11:00 in case of individual guests.
    Earlier arrival or later departure may be arranged in advance for an extra fee, which may be different for individual guests and groups.
  8. With respect to other persons, guests accommodated in the Hotel must behave in a such way, that the other guests are not disturbed; the noise curfew at night must be kept from 22:00 to 06:00.
  9. Pets are allowed in the Hotel (dogs, cats); however, only if consent of the Hotel is obtained and if the animal is healthy, clean and does not disturb the other guests. Prices for accommodation of pets are indicated in the valid pricelist.
    It is forbidden to take dangerous or poisonous animals to the Hotel.
  10. Guests are obligated to use their rooms in a way preventing any damage on equipment and furnishing.
    In the event any damage is caused by the guest to the Hotel's equipment, such damage must be paid in full by the guest before departure. In case of excessive fouling of the room, the Hotel may charge and the guest must pay a fee for above-standard cleaning services.
  11. Guests must no move any furniture around the room, or interfere in the electricity system and equipment located in the room. Guests may use their own small electrical appliances, such as electric razors, laptops, mobile phone chargers.
    Guests are strictly forbidden to use their own electrical appliances that generate heat, such as electric kettles or heating coils. Violating this rule by the guest will be understood as a gross breach of safety regulations and the guest will be charged a fine of EUR 100.00.
  12. No weapons must be brought to and kept in the Hotel by guests.
  13. In case of breach of provisions in paragraphs 11 and 12 , or if the noise curfew at night is repeatedly violated, the Hotel is entitled to cancel the accommodation before the expiry of the period agreed, without any obligation of the Hotel to compensate the given guest for any damage.
  14. The fee to replace a lost key room amounts to EUR 20.00.
  15. The Hotel must be left only after all services and consumption rendered by the Hotel during the guest's stay are paid in full by the guest. Unless otherwise agreed, the price of the accommodation includes breakfast only; other services (such as telephone calls, parking fee etc.), consumption in the Hotel's restaurant areas and consumption of the goods offered in the minibar must be paid by guests at the Hotel reception before departure or directly in the restaurant.
  16. Food and meals served during breakfast are to be consumed in the breakfast restaurant only. It is inadmissible to take the food out of the restaurant. Every such incident is subject to a fee of EUR 50.00, which the guest is obligated to pay. Taking of a large amount of food out of the restaurant will be understood as a theft.
  17. The Hotel does not assume any responsibility for a loss of money or other valuable items not deposited by the guest in the Hotel's safe. The Hotel accepts for depositing in the safe only items not exceeding the value of EUR 2,000.00.
  18. Hotel guests can park their cars in the Hotel's parking space, which is not guarded and the Hotel assumes no responsibility for any damage caused to cars, for stolen cars or items located in the cars. Parking is subject to a fee according to the valid pricelist.
  19. The transport of guests and their luggage by the Hotel's taxi is regulated in the valid pricelist.
  20. For safety reasons, certain publicly accessible areas of the Hotel are equipped with cameras, the operation of which is governed by applicable legislation concerning personality protection.
  21. Children up to the age of 12 must be supervised by adults at all times.
  22. In case of any injuries or sickness of guests, the Hotel will arrange, at their request, for provision of medical assistance or transport to hospital, if need be. Related costs shall be paid by the guest.
  23. Complaints and claims, if any, must be asserted by guests immediately, preferably in writing. If, during the stay at the Hotel, guests suffer damage in connection with their stay, this must be reported at the reception and any damage must be asserted promptly.
    Any complaints and damage asserted later might be disregarded.
  24. Agencies are obligated to inform their clients with the content of the present Accommodation Rules.
  25. By accepting accommodation at the Hotel or by placing a binding order, guests or agencies confirm to have acquainted themselves with the Accommodation Rules and they are obligated to observe the Accommodation Rules as well as other instructions regulating their stay in the Hotel, in particular safety, fire and hygienic regulations. Guest must acquaint themselves with the Hotel's Evacuation Rules.
  26. Other issues not expressly regulated in the present Rules are governed by the Hotel operator's bylaws and valid legislation of the Czech Republic.
  27. The Hotel Regulations are available at www.hotelzlatyandel.cz
Thank you taking the time to read this document !!
We aim at improving the quality of our services and will, accordingly, welcome any proposals and objections.
We wish you a pleasant stay in our Hotel !!
These Accommodation Rules are valid from 01 January 2019

Cancellation terms

Cancellation fees are as follows:
cancellation deadlines Individual client
reservation for up to 10 persons
reservation for over 10 persons
up to 30 days0%0%
30 - 25 days0%10%
24 - 15 days0%30%
14 - 9 days0%60%
8 - 0 days100%100%
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